Monday, November 30, 2015


I'm not sure what this lady is cooking, but we definitely can learn a lot from the African peoples--one of those things is that they are thrifty and
don't waste a drop of their food! 
Leftovers...Everyone has them all the time! What to do with them though? You don't want to waste by just throwing them away, but...
Well, I have some ideas for you! I am going to list several possible leftovers in different food categories, and maybe I'll get your thoughts moving towards frugality.
     Roast beef: 
              Beef & potato Hash
              Meat pie (Shepherd's Pie, Cornish Pasties, etc)
              Beef gravy
              Beef and Broccoli (Oriental dish with sauce mixed in; Jasmine rice on the side)
              Roast beef sandwiches (hot or cold)
     Chicken and other poultry:
              Poultry salad
              Stewed; served over mashed potatoes
              Poultry and rice casserole
              Poultry enchiladas
              Poultry pot pie
              Stir fry with chicken
              Pulled pork (pork roast with barbeque sauce)
              Pork and potato hash
              Stir Fry
             Turn mashed potatoes into knish filling or latkes
             Add leftover boiled or fried potatoes to a casserole or soup at the last minute
             Leftover baked potatoes are good chopped up and fried
             Leftover plain rice can be added to soups, casseroles and other dishes
             Leftover rice can be heated with flavorings added to it.
             It can also be used for hot rice cereal!
        Leftover cornmeal mush can be fried up as fried mamaliga
            Make leftover corn (in kernel form) into fritters (just add flour and other necessary ingredients)
            Add to soups, casseroles or other dishes
           Bread crumbs
           I do not like this method, but some people do: Cube the bread and water it down, squeeze water out of it, then add egg, onion, salt & milk to make German Jewish Kugel
           Make into the delicious Italian cake where you use breadcrumbs along with other ingredients 
          Add to it and make more! (Or if you don't have anymore salad makings, just put it on the table at one of your meals and require someone to eat it up!)
Cooked Vegetables:
          Add them to soups, stews & casseroles
          Add to fruit crisps, fruit salads, smoothies, etc.
          Serve it up!
          Leftover Oreos not enough for splitting amongst the children? Crush the oreos and put them on top of icecream or cake!
Flopped baked goods that you don't want to throw away:
          Turn flopped cake into a crumble crust
          Too crunchy brownies into an ice cream cake crust
          Cookie and muffin crumbles can be used for crumble toppings for any dessert that did turn out well!

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