Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hamburgers: The all-American Meal

People get together to eat them, go to a restaurant to have them fancied up for eating…
For the hamburgers you will need (for serving four people):
2 pounds lean ground beef or any ground meat
2 thin slices cheese for each sandwich
Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste
2 onions, one chopped, the other sliced
2 sliced tomatoes
Round sliced pickles (4 for each sandwich)
8 lettuce leaves
4 large bread buns or 8 slices bread (regular or gluten free)
Ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard (for condiments)

First, you will want to split the 2 pounds of hamburger into patties, flattening them with your hands until they are flat discs.
If you would like to grill them, then you will want to mix the mentioned spices into the meat before forming it into patties.
If you are cooking it in a pan, pour 1 tablespoon oil into bottom of pan and grease it with a paper towel. This way your hamburgers do not stick. Heat your pan, then place your meat patties evenly into the pan. Sprinkle the chopped onion over the meat so that it will be flavored as it cooks.
Brown meat on both sides. Hamburgers will be done when it they are no longer red in the middle, instead mostly grey. Serve hot.
On a platter, serve the washed lettuce leaves, sliced onions and tomatoes. These will be to add to your hamburgers.
Each person will:
Spread ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard on their bread, then place the cheese, meat, pickles, tomatoes, onions and lettuce onto it, then the other piece of bread (which also has the condiments spread on it.
You may serve these, and have French fries, chips, and vegetable sticks, then ice cream for dessert.

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