Thursday, April 16, 2015

Supa de pui cu taitei română

Wash and clean about 2 pounds of raw chicken (it could be a whole chiken or only parts of it). In a big kettle put about 7 liters of cold water (if this recipe is too big you can adjust it). Add your chicken to the water as well as a medium onion and about 3-4 medium carrots that were cut across in 4. Put your soup on the stove and boil until the meat is boiled.(One secret when making Romanian soups is to put it on low heat and keep them there a long time until the meat is boiled...but at home here most of the times we put it on medium-high-it gets done faster). Once the meat is boiled take the soup off the heat and take your meat out  and add 2 cups of water.In a separate pan boil about ( 250-400*it depend how thick you want it) noodles until they are almost boiled but not yet. Put your noodles in the soup but don't add the water you boiled the noodles in and add chicken seasoning and salt and pepper to taste..Then put your sopu back on the stove.Once it boils let boil for one minute and then stop the heat. POFTA BUNA!

P.S. the meat you can use later. Although it isn't  common here you can cut the meat in pieces and put it in the soup once you add the noodles ...I think it would taste good! And if you have questions about this recipe feel free to ask

~contributed by Anca Bogdan

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