Saturday, April 4, 2015


All'aperto!  Let's eat outside!
   Now that warm weather is back, indulge in supper outside!  It might be in your yard, at the beach, or even at a lonely cliff side picnic area. Wherever you go,  the preparations won't wear you out; and supper in fading sunlight is like a mini-vacation!  Be sure to take along...
The Sandwiches
   Make them special, and the meal will be memorable.  Here's one of our favorite sandwiches; first with a hard wheat roll, then Gluten Free...
Ingredients for 1 sandwich
Crusty Sandwich Roll (4-6 inches)
Mayonnaise, to taste
Italian Dressing or Oil and Red Wine Vinegar
Yellow prepared mustard
Salt and pepper to taste
Pepperocinis (3, sliced thin)
Black Olives (6, sliced thin) 
1/4 small Red Onion (sliced in thin rounds)
1/2 tomato (3 thin round slices) 
1 large Romaine lettuce leaf
Green Bell Pepper (3 large round slices)
3-4 oz Corned Beef or Pastrami
4 large sandwich Pepperoni
3-4 oz Salami
Slices of Provolone, cheddar and mozzarella
For Gluten Free 
Substitute wheat roll for a Schar Gluten Free Roll.  They come in several fabulous flavors!
Most lunch meats are now Gluten Free. However, it is always best to read the package.
Many kinds of  Mayonnaise are Gluten Free.  Joy Mayonnaise is an egg-free, Gluten Free Mayonnaise that is a delightful substitute.
Watching your weight, or can't afford GF bread?
Toss the bread!  Put all your ingredients (except Mustard and Mayonnaise) in an air-tight bowl. Top with your Italian dressing or Red Wine Vinegar and oil.
Take along...
Carrot, celery, broccoli and pickle slices. Kraft Cucumber and Ranch Dressing makes a great dip.
Don't forget the Potato Salad!
Scrub, peel and boil 9 regular potatoes
Run them under cold water to cool.  Then add:
1/2 Red Onion, minced small OR 4 Green Onions, diced
2 stalks Celery, washed and diced
2 Garlic Kosher Dill Pickles with 3 tablespoons of the juice (optional)
2 Boiled Eggs (optional)
1+ Cup Mayonnaise
1/4 Cup Italian Dressing OR
1/4 Cup Mixed Red Wine Vinegar and Oil + 2 teasp Garlic powder
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 teasp Hungarian Paprika 
1 teasp sugar
Mix and chill for at least 1 hour, if possible.
Finish with the Fruit Plate:
Red and Green Grapes
Sliced Red Apples
Orange Slices
Whole Strawberries
****************************Buon Appetito!************************

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